Security Certifications

Security certification frameworks like Common Criteria and FIPS 140 form a large landscape of thousands of certificates, security targets and protection profiles. This site presents ongoing research on this landscape done by the Centre for Research on Cryptography and Security.

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Common Criteria

Want to explore Common Criteria certificates?


Protection Profiles

Want to explore Protection Profiles of Common Criteria certificates?


FIPS 140

Want to explore FIPS 140-2 and 140-3 certificates?



Want to explore how vulnerabilities affect certified products?


Use cases


Search through our extracted certificate data, filter by categories or archived status. Explore the certificates without downloading and reading countless PDFs.


Explore the references between certificates in a graph. A certificate referencing another certificate usually means that it builds up on top of the referenced certificate.


Subscribe to receive notifications about a vulnerability affecting a selected set of certified products.

Use the floating button in the bottom right corner of the page to add certificates to your selection from the certificate page or the search page. Once you are finished with your selection you can enter your email and subscribe for notifications about changes in the certificates or vulnerabilities affecting the certificates.

Alternatively, use the update feed button to get an ATOM feed of updates to a certificate.


Download our extracted dataset or just data for a particular certificate in a machine readable format.

The full datasets are available on the page of the certification scheme, while individual certificate data is available on each certificate page.



Explore our analysis of the security certifications landscape as it evolves over time.

The analysis results presented here are preliminary, for more, see the output of the sec-certs tool itself.



Help us improve this site, let us know where some data is missing or wrong.

Use the feedback bar on the right side of each certificate page. You can use it to give us feedback on individual data fields of the presented certificate, create a GitHub issue with your issue or feature request, or emails us with your input.

Do it yourself!

The tools used to create the datasets on this website as well as the datasets themselves are open-source and available on GitHub. Documentation, including a quick-start guide, can be found on this site.


Want to learn more about our research? More information, including the privacy policy of this site can be found here.